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We value our pilots and crews

Visitors to our events are paying to see among other attractions your Hot Air Balloons, for this reason we feel it is extremely important to look after the Pilots and ground crews taking part to ensure they want to come back event after event!

We have put together an enticing package of incentives and remuneration for each team that takes part in each event, we welcome balloon teams to take part in one or all of our events this summer!

If you are a balloon team, model balloon team or other - please fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page and indicate the events you wish to take part in!



We will provide free gas to all balloonists tethering or flying at our events!* 


£100 Voucher (typically amazon or similar) will be gifted to each balloon team!


Dinner and all day tea and coffee on the house for each balloon team taking part!


We will provide bottles of local gin to flying teams to gift landowners

on landing!

Balloonist Registration Form

Registering for the following events:
Participating in the following activities:

Thank you for registering!

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